gnoteman - The Quick Note Taking Applet

gnoteman is yet another note taking utility for the GNOME panel. While it functions as a sticky note applet, it is intended to assist the user to quickly jot down short notes - a phone number, an address, an idea that occurs during a conversation, or just about anything that you may want to remember for a short while.There are no configuration options, which makes it small and simple. 

Clicking on the applet pops up a menu with a "New Note" option. Choosing this option opens a new note window, into which you can type a short message, currently limited to just over 1000 characters (or roughly 200 words). 

There is no explicit save option - closing the note window saves the note. The next time you click on the applet, the menu will show the date and first few letters of the saved note as a menu item. Notes that are saved and then kept open when exiting the GNOME session will automatically reopen on the next session - the "sticky note" feature.

There is no explicit option to delete a single note, either. To do that, you must open the note, select the entire text and delete it, then close the window.